Monday, September 3, 2012


Dig Dug Disaster's new e.p. StarsBurn will be coming out this fall. I have had the opportunity to hear StarsBurn in its entirety and well frankly, I haven't been able to stop! This album in absolutely amazing. It has a raw feel, but also very well put together. The genre is hard to place has there are sounds of pop, rock, and everything in between.

My favorite song on this e.p. is Come to Me. While listening to this song I cannot stop moving around. The song is energetic and masterfully done! As all my readers know, I am a huge fan of lyrics and the lyrics for Come to Me are fantastic. They seem to be coming from someone that really wants to be with the person that they are in love with, but the person of object does not want the same things. I get a lot of feeling from this song and I love that.

The rest of the e.p. is just as good and I strongly suggest everyone check it out! The link below is where you can learn more and you can also follow on twitter for more information: @DiGDuGDiSaSTeR

As always thanks for reading! Enjoy StarsBurn and don't forget to donate...more information is on the website above...