Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mike Peralta

This week's review is all about Mike Peralta. I feel this is an appropriate follow up to my last post about 90's musicians. After visiting Mike Peralta's website and purchasing some of his music on iTunes, I feel very nostalgic for the music I listened to while in my teens.

Mike Peralta's sound is all over the place, but I mean this in the best way. One song will be raw and rockin' and then the next is melodic and soothing. In his song Fosner, I am reminded of Nirvana. This song has a rawness about it that makes me smile. Another single, Dark Over Here, is a wonderful example of the smoothness of Peralta's voice. His voice is the best thing about his music. It is incredibly unique and after hearing him once, I was hooked.

In September, Peralta is releasing a new single, which I have had the pleasure of being able to hear before it is released. The song is called A Story Forever. Mike had asked for some descriptions of it through Twitter, and this is what I came up with: The night sky, full of stars, continues through space and time forever. A Story Forever, with its beautifully written lyrics, is like the brightest star in the night sky. Not really knowing where it begins, or where it ends, it envelops and brightens, yet lets the listener feel the melancholy of forever. The lyrics to this song are amazing and I urge all of my readers to listen as soon as it is released.

Please check out Mike Peralta on iTunes and at his website I promise there will be no regrets!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gone To Soon

Today a friend of mine posted a YouTube video of one of my favorite Blind Melon songs, Mouthful of Cavities.  After watching this video, I began watching the Behind the Music for Blind Melon, which also led to me watching the Behind the Music for Sublime.  After watching these videos, I also realized that today is the anniversary of the death of another '90s musician, Aaliyha. These are the musicians and the music of my youth and so many of them are tragically gone to soon.

I remember the first time I heard No Rain on MTV.  I remember thinking, "These dudes are crazy, but interesting and great too".  After seeing the No Rain video, I went out and bought the album Blind Melon. Blind Melon was a wonderful album, but Soup, in my opinion is their masterpiece.  Shannon Hoon, the lead singer of Blind Melon, was also a heroin addict and used many other drugs.  Hoon fought to get sober after his daughter, Nico, was born, but alas, on October 21, 1995, Shannon was found on his tour bus dead.  He had overdosed and left Nico, and her mother, on their own.  

Bradley Nowell, the lead singer and founding member of Sublime, also had a drug problem.  Bradley fought with his addiction for years and finally became sober when his son was born.  After being sober and having his son, he married the mother of the boy.  Nowell was the happiest anyone had ever seen him and then he and the guys went back on tour.  Being on the road ended up being too much and Nowell relapsed on May 26, 1996 and overdosed.  He was found in his and his band mate’s hotel room in the morning, barely on the bed, next to his cherished dalmatian, Lou Dog.

I will never forget the day I heard Layne Staley passed away.  I was 21 years old and still an avid Alice in Chains fan.  Hell, I still listen to AIC all the time.  The day was April 5, 2002, I had walked down to my neighbor’s apartment, and he told me Layne had overdosed.  I cried.  Sounds silly, I know, but he just had a place in my heart, with his depressing, yet understanding lyrics.  Another musician lost to the grips of drugs.

I do not want to forget to pay homage to the likes of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Aaliyha, Hillel Slovak (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Tupac, and the many other musicians who left too early.  Whether it was drugs, which it usually is, or other horrific reasons, these people all have a place in my childhood and now my adulthood.  I hope that all my readers will take a moment to honor these often misunderstood, but wonderful people.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jenn Bostic

Wow, I truly do not know where to begin with Jenn Bostic. I absolutely adore her music, and can relate to her story.  Just like Jenn, I lost a parent too, but I dealt with it in a different way than she did.  Jenn Bostic has taken all of her emotions and put them into her music and the music is wonderful.

The first song I listened to by Jenn was Missin' A Man, and as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to get more of her music!  Since hearing that song, I have purchased an album of hers too.  The songs on Keep Lookin' For Love each have their very own feel.  I love that Jenn Bostic has a sense of humor in her song Gay or Taken.  She wonders where all the single straight guys are, but it is all in good fun, although I am sure most women have wondered this at one time or another.  I have listened to this album many times already and during the listening I feel: sad, happy, humored, and nostalgic, all at the same time. Next, I watched Jenn's video for Jealous of the Angels and it is beautiful. The piano, which is played wonderfully, is uplifting. The song is so heartfelt I could actually feel her emotion has she sings.

I cannot wait to get more music from Jenn Bostic and I urge all of my readers to check her out as well. I promise there will be no regrets in doing so. A little bit country, a little bit pop, and a whole lot of experience and emotion, Jenn Bostic is an amazing artist.

Check her out here:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giana Nguyen

Giana Nguyen is the perfect artist for me to feature for my first music blog.  She is based out of California and has a familiar, yet unique sound.  Giana writes her own lyrics and plays the piano beautifully to go along with her heartfelt words.  With a sound that is reminiscent of artists such as Colbie Calliet, and my personal favorite, Sara Barellies, Giana Nguyen is a rising star.

Her EP, which was released on February 22, 2011, includes the songs: More, Until You, Just For This Moment, Twister, For Now, and Firefly.  Of the six songs, my favorite is For Now.  This song is track number five on the EP and the lyrics are so honest.   For anyone who has ever fallen for someone that had no idea, this song is relatable.  Not to mention, the music makes me feel at ease, as well as want to “bop” around.

Relatable lyrics, killer piano, and a magnificent voice.  Giana Nguyen most certainly has the makings of an artist that will go far.  I sincerely recommend to all of my readers to give her a listen. 
To check out Giana follow this link:

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I have loved music my whole life! I remember being a little girl and hearing The Beatles for the first time and thinking how I wanted to do nothing but listen to Abbey Road. Although I still love The Beatles, I have grown to love all different types of music. I have started this blog for two reasons. One, I want to help promote local/independent artists that deserve a chance to get out there and to be known. Two, I am working on a career in the communications field and would like to give myself the chance to get out there and to be known. I will post a new blog once a week about a new artist that I have listened to and enjoyed. My hopes are that people will read these postings and discover new music, as well as share this new music with their friends!