Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daniel Levi Goans

As most of my readers know, I have been doing this blog on music reviews for a few months now. While searching for my newest musician to write about, I found Daniel Levi Goans. And wow, I am really glad that I did. Goans has such a smooth and sensual voice. While I am writing this, his music is playing in the background, and I have a smile on my face.

Goans has a confidence in his voice that is thrilling to hear. His music tells a story with every song. I am reminded of music from Dylan and Biaz when I listen to Goans. He has a way of saying things through his music that really makes the listener think. In my opinion, Goans's music does exactly what music is suppose to do. It makes the  listener feel at ease, while at the same time, the listener is hearing a story that makes him/her wonder and ponder life.

I sincerely recommend that all of my readers check out David Levi Goans. His music can be found on iTunes, and his website . Goans deserves to be recognized for his wonderful contribution to the music world and I am glad to be sharing him with all of you! 

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