Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sing Off

I like to take little breaks from my reviews of musicians and write about something different. This week I am going to write about one of my current obsessions. The Sing Off is a contest in which a cappella groups compete to win the prize of $200,000 and a recording contract. I became addicted to this show their second season, but this season is blowing my mind!

The very first show this season was amazing. I fell in love with Delilah and their cover of Bruno Mars's Grenade. This cover is the best cover I have ever heard and it was a cappella. AMAZING!!!! Therefore, from the start of the show I wanted Delilah to win. I was so impressed.

Then about three shows in, Pentatonix caught my attention with their rendition of Your Love Is My Drug. My guilty pleasure is cheesy pop songs, and Pentatonix's version of this one was incredible. Not to mention their covers of Video Killed The Radio and Love Lockdown, which are the two coolest performances I have ever seen. As Ben Folds said after one of their performances, they really do sound like the future.

The other thing that makes this show so enjoyable for me is Sara Bareilles being one of the judges. As my readers know, she is one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time. She and the other two judges, Ben Folds, and Shawn Stockman, are the best judges I have seen on a show like this.

I have never been a fan of American Idol, or any of the other reality type singing contests because I think the judges are rude and not very encouraging. Getting up in front of millions of people and singing your heart out takes a lot guts. I just do not find it fair that the judges of these other shows rip apart people for doing what they love to do and I think it makes a mockery of the business. With this being said, The Sing Off is not like that at all. The Sing Off is a showcase of wonderful, and real, talent. The two groups mentioned above are only the beginning. There are now seven groups left and I urge all of my readers, if they are not watching already, to start.

Check out The Sing Off Season 3 on iTunes and at You can also find all of the final groups on Twitter.

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