Saturday, November 12, 2011

MonannLisa Wilde

I am reminded of an album I have always loved when I listen to MonannLisa Wilde. That album is Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too by The New Radicals. Wilde's music reminds me of this because it is so unique. I believe uniqueness is a hard thing to find these days, but if you are looking for it, then Wilde is where you will find it.

Wilde's voice has a rock star quality to it and at the same time sounds so smooth. Her lyrics can be funny and deep, depending on how a person interprets them. And the music is just incredible. It has a club feel, a rock feel, and a chill feel. I am not sure if that even makes any sense, but this is what I get from Wilde's music.

I am willing to bet if any of my readers check her out, they too will be hooked. I listened to her while doing homework all night last night! You can find her on twitter @MonannLisaWilde and you can get her music and learn more about her at . Check her out, buy her music, support an amazing artist!

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