Friday, December 9, 2011

Ethan Hanson

Listening to Ethan Hanson for the first time made me smile. Not just any smile, but that "yeah this is what I'm talking about" smile. With a smooth bluesy voice backed by an acoustic guitar I am in heaven. When wanting to relax and enjoy some great music, Hanson sure does deliver.

I am reminded of John Mayer, and not the bad stuff, but the really great stuff, like from the album Continuum. I also get a little sense of Matchbox Twenty, once again their older stuff. The song Real Love by Hanson is perfect. It is one of those songs where the eyes can be closed and the music and lyrics can be felt through every part of the body. I am actually typing with my eyes closed right now listening to Real Love. I especially like the break down in the middle of the song. I believe I even hear a cowbell!

Hanson has a couple of singles on iTunes and you can find him on Twitter as well. Follow the link below and check him out. Grab a beer, or a glass of wine, and just soak in the wonderful tunes!

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