Friday, February 3, 2012

Hunter Reese Interview

Most of my readers know I have been interning for the website HumanFanKind doing Public Relations and that is how I found this amazing artist.  This entry is going to be a bit different from the previous reviews and will include an interview as well as my review.

Hunter Reese is definitely one of a kind.  The first time I listened to his album I was impressed by the complexity of what Reese is portraying with his lyrics.  This guy has quite a mind...

BMR: Give me a short history/background of yourself? (where did you grow up, where you live now,
how old you were when music first effected your life)
HR: "I was born in Turlock, CA and I was raised not too far from there in the small town of Stevinson, CA. I
went to Hilmar High School, the same high school as Dot Jones from Glee.
I appreciate having grown up in a small town now, but at the time I really hated it, I felt stifled
by the small-town atmosphere. My saving grace was my involvement in extra curricular activities. The
one I’m particularly proud of is FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), I was a Central Section
officer, I believe we represented 29 schools in California.
I met a lot of people through FBLA so the summer of 2009 I decided I would go on a road trip and visit
some of them. I stopped in San Francisco for a few days and then went to Denver, CO. When I arrived
in Denver, I loved it so much I decided to stay. I used to joke and say that the only reason I stayed was
because I didn’t want to drive back (I didn’t really care for the 23 hour drive) but looking back I think
that was a part of my motivation to make Denver my new home.
I went to school there and also worked for a great Career Center. Working there saved my life, it was
there that I realized that committing to my dreams of being “an artist” was the only logical path for
me. The career assessments said it, and my heart believed it. So I got the guts and began taking acting
classes. I was 100% certain that acting was “it” for me, then in late April 2011 I met a producer through
my good friend Sami.
I wrote my first song “The Age of Young” that same week after Google’ing and studying a few days, then
just dove in. I ended up writing somewhere around 150 songs and melodies for this album, I lost all of
them when my hard drive crashed, except for the 10 on the album. Many of the songs in the album
were inspired by my love for conspiracy theories but also by my emotional state at the time, which was
chaotic. Once I was done recording the vocals and writing the songs I moved to Los Angeles. I had always
wanted to live in LA but I was always too scared to commit. Having the album gave me the reason and
the confidence."

BMR: If you could describe your music, how would you?

HR: "I would definitely describe my album as eclectic, it is a reflection of me and my eagerness to incorporate all of my likes into one
compilation. This album was definitely a learning experience, I explored various genres and in
turn produced a genre-varied album. So I guess I would describe my current music as eclectic
but I would like to progress into something a bit more creepy, dark, Classical and Rock-ish. More
along the lines of the song "Conspiracy Theories".”

BMR: Favorite song?, band? 

HR: "The favorite song award, for me, is an equal split between “Stairway
to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin and “Desperado” by the Eagles. They’re my go-to songs when
I need to get sounds out of the vox. :) My favorite band isn’t a band, it’s Micheal Jackson!
“Human Nature” ranks up there on the top reasons why I love him, but I also own a DVD from
his Dangerous tour, I never went to any of his concerts but that DVD is a glimpse into how
amazingly well he lives up to the role of “Entertainer".”

BMR: What do you do besides making music?

HR: "I do A LOT of soul-searching. I feel very connected to a
part of me which I like to refer to as my “higher-self.” It’s the part of me which I turn to when I
need wisdom, a change of perspective or an articulate and eloquent way of justifying my actions
haha. I also find myself facing various challenges on a daily basis and I use these challenges as
excellent opportunities for me to teach myself to overcome negative emotions or character-faults.
I have changed a lot, and am constantly changing. I’ll know that I’ve done something
wrong if I am still the same person 5 years from now, or even a month from now."

By now I am sure you are intrigued, so below is a link where you can find Reese's Facebook page.  Reese is also on Twitter.  Follow him, like him, and it will for sure pay off.  This guy will be going places!!!

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