Saturday, January 28, 2012


Pheroze was a great find for me! I am a product of bands like Alice in Chains and Guns n Roses, which are my two favorite in this genre, and Pheroze brought me back to the days when I would rock out with my old roommates and great friends a million years ago! Yup, those were the days...

I recently listened to Pheroze's most recent album Crows Into Swine, and I must say, I am super impressed. Especially because Pheroze tends to do most of the record making process himself. That is a true musician right there. Also I must mention that his lyrics have a depth to them that I find to be absent from a lot of music, especially in the harder rock area these days. 

Pheroze is on Twitter and Facebook, and you can purchase his music on iTunes. Follow the link below to read and hear more about/from Pheroze. His story is an interesting one. I urge my readers to check him out even if this genre isn't your favorite. Pheroze has great things to say and he should be heard!

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