Monday, May 7, 2012

Matt Wilson Band

I am a huge fan of Billy Joel and when  I found Matt Wilson Band I was absolutely ecstatic! I heard a cover of Billy Joel's She's Always a Woman by Matt Wilson Band and just had to hear more. The album Volume 2000-2010 has a Billy Joel vibe, but in it's own unique way. To any of my readers that enjoy blues, jazz, and the piano, this album and band is definitely for you.

The album has ten songs and every single one of them is worth a listen. My favorite, besides the Billy Joel cover of course, is definitely Press On. I love the message in the song: No matter what cards life deals you, you just keep on going...I truly believe this is a message everyone should live by and this song is a great reminder of that.

Matt Wilson is a seasoned performer and by listening to Volume 2000-2010 this is extremely evident. Boy can that man tickle those ivories! Are you intrigued yet? I bet you are, so below is the website where you can learn more about the Matt Wilson Band. The album Volume 2000-2010 can also be found on iTunes, so what are you waiting for....check this band out!!!!

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