Sunday, June 17, 2012


I've always been a fan a music that sounds a little different than the normal everyday, dare I say crap, that is heard on the radio.  So, when I found the band Antioquia I just knew I had to share them with all of my readers. Pronounced an-tee-OH-kee-ah, even their name is out of the ordinary, which by the way is fantastic!

Their most current album is titled Viajero and every song on the album is unique (another hard thing to find these days).  I love funk and Antioquia is funky to the max.  The first time I really listened to them I was driving and I almost had to pull over so that I could get out and dance.  If you don't want to dance around while listening to this album, then perhaps you should re-listen because it is impossible not to move when their music is playing.  I can only imagine what a live show is like, but from everything I have read, seeing them live is incredible.  If I am ever in an area that they are playing, you can bet I will be at that show!

Check Antioquia out at the link below and be prepared to get funky!

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