Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brandy's Top 5

I have decided to stray a bit from my concept for this post, although it is still all about music, and let my readers know what my top five albums of all time are. I have thought about this all week, and I have concluded that this might be the hardest thing I have had to do. I love music and I love that I can listen to a song that fits my mood perfectly, or hear a song that totally changes the way I feel. I love that a whole album can bring me back to when I was younger, or a whole album that I have never heard before can make be change my top five instantly. Basically, the top five I give to you today is most certainly not set in stone, but as of right now, these are the albums I chose to put in Brandy's Top 5.

1. Kaleidoscope Heart by Sara Barellies

This album was released in 2010 and the moment I bought it, it played on my iPod constantly. I am huge fan of all things Sara. Her voice is amazing and she can play the piano wonderfully. This album accentuates Sara's incredible lyric writing skills. If you have not given this album, in its entirety, a listen, then I say to you, "DO IT"!!!

2. Darkside of the Moon by Pink Floyd

I do not think that this album will ever leave my top five, and has been in my top five since I first listened to it. This is one of those albums that makes me think of my days as a teenager. The album, with its beautifully melodic instruments, is perfect for any occasion. I have listened to Darkside of the Moon driving, writing, cleaning, and even while working out. Pink Floyd, as they do in many of their albums, tell a story through Darkside of the Moon, and for that alone, it is a must listen. This album is most certainly a classic.

3. Anti-Christ Superstar by Marilyn Manson

Yup, you read correctly. I adore Marilyn Manson and this album in particular. The raw and hard sound that comes from Anti-Christ Superstar is fantastic. The lyrics on this album, although some think sinister, are real. I am a strong believer that Marilyn Manson, himself, is a terrific showman, and this album in its entirety is one hell of a show.

4. Abbey Road by The Beatles

Abbey Road is another album that will never, ever leave Brandy's Top 5. This one has been my favorite album since I was little. My dad had the record and I remember listening to that, and then the cassette tape. Now of course, I have the remastered c.d. and a digital copy to boot. I love every single thing about this album. I am a huge The Beatles fan, and have every album by them, but this one is just irreplaceable. From Come Together all the way to Her Majesty, I am in complete and utter awe of how incredible this album is.

5. Alice in Chains Unplugged by Alice in Chains

Melancholy, harmonious, and raw. Those words, to me, describe this album. I love Alice in Chains and believe that their Unplugged session was not just amazing, but the best Unplugged album that has ever been released. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell are right on with their harmonies on this album, and the guitars, drums, and bass are just as perfect. By "right on" and "perfect" I do not mean mistake free, but that is what makes this album even more beautiful. Their mistakes even sound amazing. If you have never seen, or heard this album, I urge you to do so. Not only will you thank me, but I am pretty sure you will add it to your top five.

As I said earlier, these albums are not set in stone, but for right now, they are Brandy's Top 5.

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