Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carrie Oeding

This week, instead of a music review, I am going to review the poetry reading I went to at Indiana University South Bend, as well as the book that was read. I had never been to a reading before, and the fact that this was a reading of a poetry book I am currently reading in one of my classes, I was very much looking forward to it. The book is titled Our List Of Solutions and is written by Carrie Oeding. Oeding won a contest and her book was published through 42 Miles Press, the Indiana University South Bend publishing company.
I started reading this book at the beginning of the semester and instantly fell in love with it. I love how the book is simple, yet intense. I instantly liked the way that Oeding writes. She has a way of taking an idea and conveying it in an obscure, yet understanding way. My favorite poem from the book is I Have Been In More Uncomfortable Situations Than This. This poem makes me smile as I read it because most women have felt like this one time or another, and Oeding just puts it out there in a way that makes it humorous. That is the greatest thing about her book to me. The subtle humor is fantastic.

The reading began at 7 o'clock and started with a wonderful introduction from a professor at IUSB, David Dodd Lee. Lee was also a judge in the contest and edited Our List Of Solutions. Hearing Lee speak of Oeding was thrilling. I could feel how excited he was to have her at the school and it made me even more excited to hear her read. When Lee spoke of Oeding, it was so authentic and I could tell how much he believed in her book. After Lee spoke, Carrie took the stage. She was refreshingly funny and seemed right at home reading her poetry. She read a number of poems from her book and gave a little explanation of them before reading. Oeding stuck around after the reading to answer any questions people had and after the questions, she stayed to sign books. I got mine signed! First reading and first signed book for my collection.

I am recommending that my readers pick up a copy of Our List Of Solutions. Oeding is also on Twitter and I am including a link to her website. Check her out! She is an amazingly interesting poet and I promise enjoyment from reading her stuff.

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