Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ingrid Michaelson: Human Again

I have been excited for the release of Ingrid Michaelson's new album Human Again for months and it has finally been released. Was my excitement wasted? No Way!!! This album is incredible. It is classic Ingrid, but with a twist. Her previous albums (I love them all) have been quite different from this one. Human Again has more of a rock vibe to it then her previous albums. There are a few songs with a funk presences and the lyrics on this album are amazing!

The first song on the album, Fire, prepares the listener for quite a treat. "Open heart surgery, that is what you do to me." This is the first line in the song, and it sets up the feel of the rest of the album. The album has a after a horrible break up vibe, as well as an I still love you vibe. It is that exact struggle that makes a person human, hence the title Human Again.

My favorite song on the album (right now) is I'm Through. The lyrics to the song just make sense to me. Who hasn't been through something in the past and wanted to blame it on someone else, "It's all because of you I'm through." Although I have learned that I make my own choices, I have felt this way more than once. This song also shows off Ingrid's voice. Wow, can this girl sing or what?

The last song I will write about is Black and Blue. This song is fantastic with it's funk feel. The lyrics once again are discussing something of a break-up, "Everybody knows that I'm a mess, everybody knows you stole the heart from out my chest." Either Ingrid dealt with an awful relationship and was inspired to write this album, or she is channeling every woman who has been fooled. Whatever it is, this album is wonderful.

Human Again displays how Ingrid has grown as a songwriter and the sound is different from anything we have ever heard from her. If you have been a fan in the past, this album is a must listen. If you have never heard any of Ingrid's music, get with the program and check her out!

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