Monday, January 2, 2012

Susan Picking

I have always been a fan of folk music and Susan Picking is one of the best I have heard in a long time. I would not say she is completely folk though. She is an amazing singer/songwriter and she even has the certificates to prove it!

With the holidays just getting over, I had a lot of cleaning to do (mostly from taking advantage of my recent break) and I decided I would listen to Wonder in the Wander by Susan Picking. Not only is the title of the record brilliant, but so is the record itself. It actually made my cleaning frenzy seem not only bearable (I loath cleaning), but dare I say fun?! Yup, I dare, and look forward to dancing around with the broom again. The lyrics are thoughtful. The music is whimsical. This album is a must listen.

I usually promise that listening to what I write about will not be regretted, and I will once again, but I also must promise that NOT listening to Susan Picking will be regretted. Her music can be found on iTunes, as well as at her website listed below. Enjoy this one folks!!!

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